PSA Events

Coming up Soon! The Party!

EPOCH Colloquium
“Varieties of World Making: Personal & Public Functions of the Imagination”
This group presentation seeks to motivate a reevaluation of certain key functions
of the imagination. In its simple and most general form, the imagination shall be
considered as that aspect of mind which presents what is absent, albeit with
varying degrees of success.
When successful, imagining can be fundamental to both modal knowledge and
to understanding others. In its moment of failure, we can become bored and
uninterested in our shared future, especially our political future.

Wuhan University & University of Hawaii at Manoa 3+2 Agreement Signing
The Philosophy Department has entered into a 3 + 2 agreement with Wuhan University and Renmin University of China. This agreement will provide exceptional undergraduate students who have completed the three years of coursework for the undergraduate BA degree to join the Department in their fourth year and pursue an MA degree.

Professional Development Series
“Navigating the Job Market”
All graduate students are invited to a presentation and q&a session hosted by members of the faculty on expectations for newly-minted PhDs.

“Pedagogy in Perspective”
Professors and graduate students share their insights on teaching style and student expectations.

“Get Published”
Professors and graduate students offer advice on preparing research papers for publication.

Graduate Student Colloquia Series
These events provide the opportunity for graduate students to exhibit their current work, prepare for an upcoming conference presentation, and practice presentation style in an intellectually safe setting.

Philosophy Speaks! Series
One faculty member leads  a directed translation/interpretation discussion of a philosophical work written in German, French, Chinese, Japanese, or Sanskrit in these meeting. Copies of the foreign-language texts will be distributed prior to the meeting.

Films for Philosophers Series
PhD student Nick Hudson hosts this bi-weekly event.


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