Donation Drive: shoes and clothing for victims of domestic violence needed!

Hello all!
This Friday October 9, 12:00pm – 3:00pm (also coming Fridays!) At the CAMPUS CENTER! We would love volunteers to sit for some or all of the time, and also, to help us detable and carry clothes from the Campus Center to the Women’s Center at 3:00! 

Hypothetical Dude: But women don’t want MY clothes!

Me: Not just men wear men’s clothes! 😀

domestic violence

Did you end up with a nice pair of shoes that just did not fit right? What about that interview outfit that is not your style after all? You also might have some school clothes that for one reason or another are just taking up space in you closet. Well, it is time to make some space in your closet and at the same time help out women who are in need.

This month is domestic violence awareness month, and on behalf of the Women’s Center, there will be a donation drive at Campus Center on Friday from 12-3pm.

Please come and donate your gently used shoes, clothing, and accessories that you know would help someone who is getting back on her feet.

Often, the dependent children of domestic violence victims need items too, so if you have children’s clothes in excellent condition that you can spare, we will also accept these items at campus center on Friday afternoon, and help to distribute them as well.

Event Sponsor
Philosophy Student’s Association, Manoa Campus

More Information
Lisa Widdison, (808) 956-6687,


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