Tanke and Ames Dissertation and Publication Talk

Publication Difference between getting a good job at a decent school and just being another application is “stuff”. Build your CV with publications.  Publication makes the difference between those who get fellowships, visiting appointments and the like and those who don’t. Try to publish prior to the dissertation process. During the process try to adapt … More Tanke and Ames Dissertation and Publication Talk

Job Talk Part 3

Meilin’s Job Talk: Teaching To teach is to learn twice. Take lots of time to prepare for class; detailed lectures; intellectual responsibility (you should know this or that about Kant). –       But don’t overwhelm the students. They don’t need to know everything (you don’t necessarily need to be a Kant scholar to start understanding Hegel) … More Job Talk Part 3

Job Talk Part 2

Tanke Job Talk Components of an application Cover letter Speaks specifically to advertisement and your skills and connects them. Introduce yourself, highlight accomplishments, and fit well Know about who you’re applying to Don’t go beyond two pages Present yourself as colleague not student. Cv Put strengths first General info first; teaching; publications reverse chronological order … More Job Talk Part 2

Job Talk

Job Talk 9/19/13 1.) When to start applying Not until you’re realistically within 6-8 months of finishing, rather than just with a couple of chapters finished. Looking for a job is a full-time job. If you get a job when you’re not fully ready, the first year of teaching will be quite a load. Even … More Job Talk